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About Amboy Auto Associates

Hello and Welcome to Amboy Auto Online!

Amboy Auto Associates is in business to serve the Staten Island community as well as the World Wide Web by selling Quality Used Cars. We have been selling cars successfully on Staten Island for over 29 years.

Why have we been around so long?  We don't play games, and we take care of any problems that our customers might have. 

Check us out with the Better Business Bureau or the Department of Consumer Affairs! You will find that we have a perfect record, and that is because we care about the people that we sell our cars to.

Our belief is that we should treat the customer the way we would like to be treated when buying a car.  I live, work, and go to church in this community.  Most of our customers are now our friends and neighbors.  We don't specialize in luxury cars, but we do have good reliable cars that you can
count on to be dependable.

Most of our cars are priced from $3,500 - $15,000. 
Our experience shows that this is the right mix for this area.  We can always try and locate any car that you want,
if you are not in a hurry.  You can submit us a
Locator Request from this site.

We can sell our cars with confidence because before they leave the lot, they go to our mechanic who checks them out for us.  If anything is needed, it is done before you pick up the car.  Of course every car cannot be perfect, but when a problem does come up, and it is covered in our written warranty,
we will always take care of it.

Our cars are checked by CARFAX.  That way you will know that there are no hidden problems before you buy the car.   For a deposit, or to pay for the entire amount of the car, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.  We want you to be happy when you leave the lot, and happy to recommend us to your friends, relatives, and neighbors.  Join the thousands of other satisfied customers who have purchased a car from AMBOY AUTO ASSOCIATES.

Ed Benemerito, Owner

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